Thursday, October 31, 2013

Month 10 recap

Today marked the end of my 10th month in working towards my goal of running 1,000 miles by the end of 2013. 

Almost there! 

See October recap below:

I completed 118 miles this month. This was by far the most mileage of any month this year. I knew I was a bit behind and had to step up my game. 

Here are the past month's mileage counts:
70 in September
74 in August
98 in July
90 in June

Back in my September recap, I had a goal of reaching 121 miles in October. 118 is close enough, so I'll take it! 

I have reached a total of 820 miles to date. 

With 180 miles left until I reach 1000 and 61 days left to do it, this comes out to 2.95 miles a day. 

I've already planned out my November schedule and have 114 miles on the books. That will leave me with only 66 miles for December. I've done this on purpose because I know with the holidays, family events, football games, etc. my time may be more it's going to be a tad cooler in December (and darker earlier) and I refuse to get back on a treadmill to close this thing out. 

I'm still wondering what I'll do with myself once I run that last mile...I kind of want to have someone there with me, so any takers for running my last run in December at my side? 

Thanks again for all of the support and interest in my progress! 

Happy Halloween - I'm off to Denver to see one of my besties. 

10/31/2013: Miles run - 820 of 1000. Miles remaining - 180 of 1000

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What I Wore for the Weather on Wednesday

After yesterday's post about the climate change and picking appropriate running attire for it, I thought I'd share how yesterday's run actually went down. 

The rain let up in the afternoon so I was able to run outside. Yay for no treadmills! I still avoided my normal dirt trail because I knew it'd be muddy and opted for another neighborhood (pavement) route. I'll be back on the trail this afternoon...the sunshine is back!

Since it wasn't freezing, I decided to meet myself halfway - cold weather capris on bottom, warm weather tank on top. I usually just run in a sports bra so I thought actually wearing a shirt might help keep me a bit warmer than usual. I stepped outside and was immediately cold for the first mile (as I alluded to yesterday). But after a good warm-up I felt great and immediately applauded myself for my choice in apparel. I started sweating a tad about 2 miles in and I didn't mind it one bit. I actually want to sweat on my runs because, to me, that means I'm working hard. It was a nice sweat though...not like usual, where I look like I just jumped into a swimming pool. 

The weather definitely makes a difference in my pace. The past few months, I've had a slower pace than usual, which I contribute to the heat and not wanting to overwork/overheat myself (aka die). This run was the first 6 miler I've had under an hour since I started running outside again in mid-August. 

40 more miles until I'm under 200 to go! I should hit that by the end of next week. 

10/17/2013: Miles run - 760 of 1000. Miles remaining - 240 of 1000

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Weather, New Wardrobe

Today is 55 and rainy outside. Just like everyone else, I would love to be cuddled up on the couch with a good movie and a cafe mocha (pumpkin spice lattes aren't really my thing). But unfortunately, that's not the case. 

It's supposed to rain all day today and while I don't mind running in the rain when it's 80-90 degrees out, cold and rainy is pretty miserable and not my favorite running environment. 

The change in weather is definitely going to alter where I run, when I run, and what I wear. It's been raining for the past 3-4 days and it actually flooded this weekend in certain areas by the trail I usually stick to. So instead, I've been logging miles in and around my neighborhood. It's a little tougher to weave in and out of streets multiple times to make 6-7 miles work, but I'd rather do that than run in the mud or dodge puddles left and right. 

Along with the climate change, the amount of daylight I'll have after work is about to change as well. In about 3 weeks it's going to get darker even earlier than it already is, which means I'm either going to have to start running in the morning (blah) or back to the treadmill I go. I don't like running alone at night. I could maybe pull off shorter runs during lunch but I don't see that happening all that often. It'll probably end up being a day by day decision depending on my mood. My daily running plan is usually a game time decision.

I always have a hard time figuring out what to wear when it gets cold out. When it's hot, it's easy - wear as little clothing as publicly appropriate (usually just shorts and a sports bra for me). When it's cold, I have a harder time deciding. Usually I start off on my run super cold, so I wear capris/pants, long sleeves, ear warmers, and gloves. A mile or two in, I'm immediately regretting that decision.  It's a catch 22 for me. Be cold at the beginning or be hot 2+ miles in? I know some people do layers and take pieces off as they go, but I don't want to hold those items or throw them on the ground, so I'm stuck. 

Runner's World posted a pretty neat "What to Wear" calculator. Just plug in your running conditions and BAM - running gear chosen for you...can I get this for my regular wardrobe please? Oh, and something that also makes my breakfast, cleans my apartment, and does my grocery shopping...thanks.

Here are the results after putting in today's conditions:

Side Note: I actually hate running in hats and refuse to do it.

I think that I may stick the treadmill this afternoon, in which case I'll just ignore this and wear my normal shorts and a tank. 

10/16/2013: Miles run - 754 of 1000. Miles remaining - 246 of 1000

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mid-Month Update

We are officially halfway through October! Now that the end is near and in sight, I'm going to try and update the blog a little more often than once a month. 

Mileage update: 
After my I complete the 7 mile run I have planned for this afternoon, I will hit 754 miles. 

With 76 days left in the year (yikes!) and 246 miles left, I will need to average 3.2 miles per day, or 22.6 per week. 

Lately, I've been running 5-7 miles a day while taking a day or two off on the weekends, which has been putting me around 25 miles a week. My short-term goal is to get under the 200 mile marker by the end of the month. 46+ miles in 15 days...easy! 

My knee has been feeling alright lately. I am still wearing the brace and it has yet to prevent me from running. 

The weather is finally cooling off and it is amazing. It's still hot enough to break a good sweat, but I no longer feel like I'm dying when I run outside. It's a great feeling :) 

I would like to say that after I'm done in December that I'll take a break from running to rest my body, but I signed up for the 3M Half Marathon in Austin on January 19, so I definitely won't stop running for a while after this...I just won't be keeping track of it all. 

Running is a big part of my life now and nothing else makes me feel quite as good as I do after a run. 

Evening though running is my personal favorite, one thing I do miss is having the time and ability to switch up my workouts and do other activities. When I worked from home at the beginning of the year, I had time to run and do strength training, gym classes, yoga, Insanity, etc. But now that I work 9-5, my time is limited and I only have time to run and focus on this goal. I can't wait to mix it up a bit and work other parts of my body. 

I do enjoy having a goal and I have started thinking about what my next one will be in January. It definitely won't be to run 2000 miles next year, that's for sure! 

New goal ideas: 
-Complete the entire 8 week Insanity program (I did about 2 weeks back in May and had some decent results). I think doing those DVDs in January & February would be great because it's usually too cold to do anything outdoors. 

-Do yoga every day for 30 days. I have quite a bit of back pain and posture issues, so I know I'd see some improvement with yoga. Plus, it's low impact, which sounds very beneficial for my knees right about now. 

-Train for a mini-triathlon. There are many options out there with various distances to pick from. Swimming and biking are great workouts in addition to running, so I feel like this would be a great goal to have so that I can switch up my routine and not get bored with just one thing. Now I just have to buy a bike! 

What are some goals you've set for yourself? I may steal them! 

10/15/2013: Miles run - 754 of 1000. Miles remaining - 246 of 1000

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Month 9 recap - 75% done

This weekend marked the end of my 9th month in working towards my goal of running 1,000 miles by the end of 2013. I am 3/4 of the way there! 

See September recap below:

I completed 70 miles this month, compared to: 
74 in August
98 in July
90 in June

A total of 702 miles to date. 

I have 298 miles left until I reach 1000 and 92 days left to do it, which comes out to 3.2 miles a day. 

I was supposed to run closer to 80-85 miles this month, but I blame Waco, football, and my Baylor friends for that fail! I was gone quite a few weekends in September, which is usually when I schedule longer runs. My knee has been acting up just a little bit again, but it's bearable with my brace on.  

*Side story - my truck got broken into a few weeks ago (window SMASHED) and someone stole my old knee brace and headphones (along with other things) I had to get a new knee brace, which isn't quite as good as the one I had. Sad day.

But now that things are settling down with my new job, I'm moved into my new place, and the weather is thankfully cooling off, I know I'll be able to knock next month out! 

I have already planned my schedule for October and have 121 miles planned...we'll see how THAT goes *crosses fingers*yikes! 

10/1/2013: Miles run - 702 of 1000. Miles remaining - 298 of 1000