Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly Workout Roundup (Week Four)

Well - I have officially failed at my 30-days of yoga challenge. I knew it'd be tough with a 5-day ski trip scheduled this month. I was willing to attempt yoga in Colorado, but it just never happened. The half marathon last Sunday also screwed me up because I was so beat and sore to do anything for a few days after. 

Oh well - I completed 18 days in a row, which is still an accomplishment in my eyes. 

Even though yoga didn't make it into this week's workouts, I still managed to work up a sweat in other ways. 

Week Four Recap:

Thursday: Apartment Gym 

                      15 minute treadmill warm-up 
                      3 different arm weight machines (3 sets of 12 on each machine)
                      2 different leg weight machines (3 sets of 12 on each machine)
                      7 minute workout app
                      10 minute elliptical cool-down

Friday: Ski

Saturday: Ski

Sunday:  Ski

Monday: Travel - No workout

Apartment Gym 

                      15 minute treadmill warm-up 
                      3 different arm weight machines (3 sets of 12 on each machine)
                      2 different leg weight machines (3 sets of 12 on each machine)
                      7 minute workout app
                      10 minute elliptical cool-down

I'm not sure what my Wednesday workout will entail tonight. We have a work meeting and happy hour this evening so it all depends on what time I get home. 

Hopefully I'll do better in my February challenge - Go Gluten Free! My coworker, Erica, is going to do it with me. If anyone else is up for the task, let me know and we can help keep each other accountable.  

I didn't eat that great on the ski trip, so I just ordered a 3-day Juice Cleanse from a local juice shop in Austin. I'll be starting next Monday and will definitely make sure to share my experience and results. I've never done one before, so I'm pretty excited! 

In addition to going Gluten Free in February, I'm really excited to have some freedom in selecting my daily workouts. I really missed having time for strength training and interval workouts last year, so I'm ready to get back to incorporating those into my routine. 

I will of course still be running...I have another half marathon in 25 days, as well as 2 more in March (including the Biggest Loser Half, which you can run with me at a discounted rate.  If you're interested in racing it with me you can register online at and use the code "BLOGAUSTIN99" at checkout for 20% off.) 

Happy Hump Day!  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Workout Roundup (Week Three)

I'm off to Colorado tomorrow! Can't wait to ski and be in the mountains with my friends.

Week Three Recap:

Thursday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights

Friday: Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 30 minutes, not heated, no weights 

Saturday: Yoga Basics @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, not heated, no weights

                     (Went with Kristen, Michelle, and Korie)

Sunday:  Ran 13.1 miles - basic stretching, no formal yoga routine

Monday: Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 30 minutes, not heated, no weights

                   Intense Foam Rolling

Tuesday: Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 30 minutes, not heated, no weights

                   Intense Foam Rolling

Wednesday: Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 30 minutes, not heated, weights

You can tell that after my half marathon on Sunday, it was a little tough for me to make it to the yoga studio this week. I was beat! I didn't feel all that great and was extremely tired, so I opted to relax and do basic stretches at home. My calves have been super tight but they're getting better with a little icy hot and foam rolling magic. 

I want to try out a local yoga studio in Breckenridge while I'm there. We've got 3 days of skiing planned, so I know we'll all be a little sore. Hopefully a few of my friends will join me! I'll report back next week. Have a great rest of the week! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

3M Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday I completed my 3rd Half Marathon and finished in my fastest time yet! I went into it not expecting too much since I haven't run long distance (more than 7 miles) in a few months. My goal was just to finish under 2 hours...that's all I wanted.

Michelle and I was a bit cold.
I loved the shirt Kristen got me. It says "Love at First Run"

My iPhone app said I finished 13.1 in 1:52:28 (I hit 13.1 about a block away from the finish line...this usually occurs because the course is measured taking the sharpest turns and not weaving around people, so I actually probably ran around 13.2 or 13.3 miles). Taking this into account, my official results from the race website said 1:54:11. An 8:43 min/mile...I'll take it! 

I started the race thinking that I finished my first half in Washington DC in 1:53, but I just went back to look and it was really 1:57:29 woot! I PR'ed (personal record) and I'm really happy with the results. 

I would like to take this time to give thanks to Kristen and my mom for coming out to cheer us on and Ke$ha and Miley for pumping me up when I needed it the most. "It's goin' down....I'm yellin' Timberrrrrr! You better move..."

The weather was perfect (mid-50's and sunny) and I loved the downhill course. There were a few uphills in certain places, but for the most part the elevation level went down throughout the course of the race. 

The race was very well organized and I enjoyed finally completing a half in my hometown! I knew exactly where I was at all points of the race and really enjoyed running thru some of the neighborhoods and seeing the community support. I absolutely loved ending at The Capitol. 

I have 3 more half's coming up before April, so I'm going to really work on chipping away at my time. 1:50 is my new goal. I definitely think I can do that if a) I move up a few corrals so I don't have to weave in and out of so many people and b) bring my own water bottle so I'm not wasting time stopping at the water stations and slowing down to hydrate. 

I felt great yesterday after the race (with the help of a few mimosas), but today it's hitting me. My calves are very sore and I have a blister on the bottom of my left foot that's making it almost impossible to walk without a nice little sway in my step. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, because I've got to be 100% by Friday - we are hitting the slopes in Breckenridge and I can't wait to be in the mountains for 5 days. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weekly Workout Roundup (Week Two)

After tonight's class at Wanderlust, I will have completed 14 days in a row of yoga! It only takes 21 days to make something a habit, but I already feel a little addicted to it. My day almost feels incomplete if I don't take time to do some yoga. 

I've also come up with a few goals within this goal. By the end of this month, I want to be able to do a back-bend and a forearm handstand. Both take a lot of core, arm, and back strength. I'm slowly gaining some of those muscles by doing the YoStrong class and using hand weights, but it's definitely not as easy as it sounds. 

Week Two Recap:

Thursday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights

Friday: Bittersweet Yoga @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, not heated, no weights 

Saturday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights
                   Run - 65 minutes (7 miles), outdoors

Sunday:  Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 45 minutes, not heated, no weights

Monday: Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 40 minutes, not heated, no weights

Tuesday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights

Wednesday: Intermediate Vinyasa @ Wanderlust - 75 minutes, not heated, no weights

I haven't been running quite as much as I've wanted to, especially with the 3M Half coming up on Sunday ( in 5 days away). I was able to go for a somewhat long run on Saturday so I wouldn't feel as far behind in training as I actually am...but I know that I'm still nowhere close to being prepared for this race. Once again, I'm so happy the course is all downhill! 

Since my February and March goals are diet related (Gluten Free & Keeping a Food Journal) and they don't involve workout-related goals, I will definitely have more time to get back into running so that I'll be properly trained for my other upcoming races:

CowTown Half Marathon in Fort Worth - February 23rd
Bearathon Half Marathon in Waco - March 22nd
Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Austin - March 30th
LifeTime Fitness Indoor Mini-Triathlon in Austin - April 27th

There is a Mud-Run I'm looking into signing up for in May - who wants to do it with me? I hear having a team is the way to go for those. 

Happy Hump Day

Friday, January 10, 2014

Final Mile (Beer Mile) Video

Here it is...The video of mine and Brett's Beer Mile (AKA my 1000th mile)! 

If the video doesn't play for you, here is the direct link:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekly Workout Roundup (Week One)

Happy Hump Day!

Every Wednesday, I'm planning on recapping my yoga workouts from the prior week. 

After this evening's class, I will have completed 7 days in a row of yoga...and so far, I am loving it! Already, my back feels so much better, my posture is more aligned, and I feel more relaxed and at ease throughout the day. 

Side note: I haven't had one sip of alcohol since New Years Eve. I bet that has something to do with how great I feel...along with a normal, non-holiday eating schedule. 

Week One Recap:

Thursday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights

Friday: Bittersweet Yoga @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, not heated, no weights 

Saturday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights
                   Run - 30 minutes, outdoors

Sunday: Jillian Michaels Yoga @ Home (YouTube) - 30 minutes, not heated, no weights
                 Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 15 minutes, not heated, no weights
                 Run - 30 minutes, outdoors

Monday: Daily Yoga iPhone App @ Home - 45 minutes, not heated, no weights

Tuesday: YoStrong @ Wanderlust - 60 minutes, heated, with weights

Wednesday: Intermediate Vinyasa @ Wanderlust - 75 minutes, not heated, no weights

I am alternating days of the heated sessions because I really lose a lot of water in sweat during those classes. I am doing my best to stay as hydrated as possible.

I'm also trying to squeeze in a few runs throughout the week to keep in somewhat decent running shape. The Austin 3M half marathon is coming up in 10 days, and I'm a little nervous about it because I haven't ventured out on a long run in a while. Hopefully the whole "fresh legs" theory will come into play during the race. 

I haven't decided if I want to have a specific goal to finish under a certain time or if I'd rather just say I want to run the entire thing (without walking) and finish it under some crazy slow time. Thankfully, the entire race is downhill. 

In the back of my mind, I want to keep it under 2 hours, but that barely happened in May during the Pittsburgh Half (when I was actually training), so I'm not sure how realistic that goal might be. 

I know the whole 1,000 mile goal has passed and ended, but I received an email from my mileage tracker ( with my 2013 training recap. I got pretty again excited when I saw it:

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Stay warm. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

January - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 1 of yoga is in the books! 

For my January goal, I am doing 30 days of yoga and meditation. 

My coworker recommended a place close to our office called Wanderlust Yoga. It's great because it's really easy to get to and I can go straight after work. They have a special going on for new members that includes 30 days for $35. Can't beat that! Especially when a single, walk-in session is typically around $15-$18 per class. 

I decided on yoga for January because it will be a good way to recover and restore my muscles after running regularly for an entire year. I also have some back pain and posture issues, so I'm hoping this will help. Not to mention the benefits of strength training and flexibility are there as well. After pretty much doing only cardio for a year, my upper body and core strength is very minimal. 

I went to my first class last night and it kicked my a good way! It was heated yoga with weights, so it felt amazing to sweat all of the holiday junk out of my system. I left feeling as if I had lost 5 lbs in water weight. 

The class is called YoStrong and the Wanderlust website describes it as the following:
"YoStrong flows through basic yoga postures while using light to moderate hand weights. Experience a well-balanced practice while isolating certain muscle groups to enhance flexibility and strength. This is a strong and fun class with up-beat music. Heated between 90-98 degrees. Good for students who are physically active, interested in the fitness benefits of yoga and are ready to dive in!"

This was my second time doing a heated yoga class. Last March I took my first Bikram Yoga session, and that was a bit more intense than YoStrong (Bikram is 90 minutes and the room is heated to 105 degrees vs. YoStrong which is 60 minutes and the room is 90-98 degrees).

What I like most about YoStrong is that it incorporates weights into the class. Since it was my first time, the instructor suggested I start off with 3 and 5 pound hand weights. I think if the room was set at a normal temperature, the class would have been right at my comfortable level and ability. But with the addition of the heat and humidity, my heart rate shot way up and I could tell my body was working harder than normal. "Miserably Fantastic" is the best way I know how to describe it.

Since I'm annoyingly, over-the-top organized and a running schedule worked so well to keep me on track last year, I thought I'd do the same thing for this month. 

I don't think it's recommended to do hot yoga consecutive days in a row, so I'll be alternating hot yoga with regular yoga at the studio, with a few days of at-home yoga thrown in (I can't go to class after work on Monday's because The Bachelor is starting back up...legit reason). So for those days when I can't attend a session, I found a free yoga iPhone app. I'm making 30 minutes the minimum for a day to count. 

I'm going back to Wanderlust after work today for Bittersweet Yoga:
"Expect classes to be lighthearted and unorthodox. It is a kickbutt restorative class. Sequences challenge your structure and nervous system to bring about a more resilient way of being. Leave class feeling like you got a massage and a workout at the same time. All levels. 60 min."

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

Let's face it - many New Year's resolutions are hard to keep...especially if they're year-long goals. I learned that from this last year. Yes, I completed it, but it was still pretty hard to do at times. Keeping motivation up throughout an entire year is tough and it can get a little boring at times. 

That's why for 2014 I have decided to mix it up and do 12 individual monthly goals instead of one lofty year-long goal. 

Most of these goals won't be measurable or a numbers game like my 1,000 miles; rather, it's more of an experiment to try new things, see how my body responds, find out what works and discover what I like or dislike while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

     Here is a list of my monthly goals for 2014:

January – 30 days of Yoga and/or Pilates, Daily Meditation
February – Go Gluten Free 
March – Keep a Food Journal 
April – Alcohol Free April
May – Do Insanity
June – Do Insanity 
July – Try being a Vegetarian
August – No sweets or processed sugar
September – Attempt the Paleo diet
October – Water challenge (drink half my weight in ounces a day)
November – No eating out
December – Squat/Ab challenge

I'll go into more detail about each goal as the month approaches. 

In addition to these challenges, I am also aiming to run 1 race per month. I really do want to keep running, so this goal will help me stick with it. It doesn't have to be an intense race..."fun runs" and 5k's can count too.

I already have the 3M Half Marathon coming up in 3 weeks, so that covers January. I have the BiggestLoser RunWalk Half Marathon in March, and I signed up for an indoor mini-triathlon at Lifetime Fitness in April. However, I still need to find one for February. If anyone knows or recommends a race in the Austin area, let me know! 

I'd love for people to join me in my monthly challenges. It's always great to have a support system. Let me know if you'd like to join in with me on any of the monthly goals!