Friday, December 11, 2015

Settling Down in Melbourne

When I last left off, we were just getting back from Fiji 3 weeks ago. We got back to Melbourne on November 23rd, but weren't able to move into our apartment until the 30th. Thankfully, we were able to book an amazing AirBnb for a week in a great area off Chapel Street. Our hosts, Liam and Chris (and Liam's black lab, Oscar), were hands down the best AirBnb hosts we had ever had and the house was spectacular. Thanksgiving fell during this week so Korie and I found a family dinner style meal at a cute restaurant in the CBD. The food was delicious and there were about 40 or so people there to celebrate with us (a mix of both Americans and Aussies). Korie also got a little handy and whipped out the arts and crafts. We almost didn't want to leave Liam's, but we were pretty ready to unpack and move into our place. Graciously, they've agreed to stay friends with us. :) 

We found our apartment on AirBnb as well and got a discount for renting it out for 5 months. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, completely furnished, and all utilities included. It's about a 15 minute train ride to the CBD and 15 minute tram ride to Chapel Street (our new favorite area). Since moving in, we've gotten really familiar with the neighborhood and started the job hunt. Korie stumbled across a little Italian cafe on Chapel Street that was hiring, so she quickly found a job. It's taken a little longer for me. I am open to waitressing, but it is kind of my last resort, as I wanted to do something different than what I can easily find back home. But for now, it seems like waitressing and babysitting will have to do...which I'm starting to be okay with. It provides a flexible schedule so we can travel around and still have enough free time to explore. I may look for something a bit more substantial once Korie goes back to the States in April/May. 

I have a trial run at a swanky Asian fusion style restaurant off Chapel Street tonight, so we'll see how that goes! I haven't waited tables since college, so I'm a bit rusty.

Recently, we journeyed to the Melbourne Zoo and I got the full Kangaroo Experience! I really wanted to hold a koala, but learned that it is illegal in the state of Victoria to do so, so that'll have to wait until we travel to Sydney or Brisbane. 

Our next trip is over New Years Eve when we travel to Hobart, Tasmania! I'm really looking forward to a low key NYE in a new place. We plan to travel around Australia in either late January or late well as hopefully go to Bali or Thailand. It all depends on the job/money situation! We have Korie's boyfriend, Ashley, and Dee all coming over the course of February-early March. I can't wait to show them the city that we're falling in love with!

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